The Aquaustral Foundation for Literature and Arts

We began as a private eleemosynary enterprise of Mr Cung-Yi Cheng, who,  since the early 2000s, has consistently granted bursuries to talented students with humble backgrounds in Sanchong City, where he had served as a political appointee for neary two decades. As the gamut of Mr Cheng's charitable activities expanded and the number of recipients of his aides grew, this Foundation was purposely created to manage the associated managerial affairs. Today, apart from offering scholarships in Taiwan, we also proudly sponsor events related to art creations and culture-exchange, and publications of literary creations in Australia. An emerging field in our charities is programmes promoting the balance between the body, mind, and the spirit, such as art therapies.   

A few photos of our past philanthropies are displayed below.

Scholarship ceremonies

The Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Association of Poetry Sydney.

The Press Conference for New Publications of the Aquaustral Foundation.

China-Australia literary forum

China-Australia literary forum

Jaunts to Sydney's parks for our board members